HBSMR for the Historic Environment

HBSMR is a user-friendly database and GIS platform for Historic Environment Records. HBSMR is for data management, analysis, presentation and publication of heritage data.

HBSMRv5 splash screen

Full HBSMR features list

Developed in partnership with English Heritage / Historic England and the Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers, HBSMR is used by the majority of Historic Environment Records in the UK.

HBSMR development is driven by its community of users through an active User Group. Support and advice is provided by five dedicated heritage data specialists, and a comprehensive documentation site.

We also provide first-class HBSMR training for users and administrators, and a range of HBSMR-related consultancy services.

Extend and enhance HBSMR with our range of optional modules:

  • Consultations - maintain a complete record of all HER enquiries and consultations
  • Themes - create integrated thematic descriptions and explanations of HER data
  • HBSMR Web/API and HBSMR Gateway - web publication of HER data and web services
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