HBSMR for the Historic Environment

HBSMR is a user-friendly database and GIS platform for Historic Environment Records. HBSMR is for data management, analysis, presentation and publication of heritage data.

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Developed in partnership with English Heritage / Historic England and the Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers, HBSMR is used by the majority of Historic Environment Records in the UK.

HBSMR development is driven by its community of users through an active User Group. Support and advice is provided by five dedicated heritage data specialists, and a comprehensive documentation site.

We also provide first-class HBSMR training for users and administrators, and a range of HBSMR-related consultancy services.

Extend and enhance HBSMR with our range of optional modules:

  • Consultations - maintain a complete record of all HER enquiries and consultations
  • Themes - create integrated thematic descriptions and explanations of HER data
  • HBSMR Web/API and HBSMR Gateway - web publication of HER data and web services


A great product that has been developed over many years using input from the professionals who use it. Northamptonshire HER uses the remotely-hosted system and when we need support it is always extremely fast and efficient.


I have used HBSMR for over 16 years. It is perfect software for use within an HER and its great to know that it complies with all of the relevant industry data standards. The HBSMR team have been a huge support through these last 16 years, always quick to respond to my queries I could not have carried out my job role without that support network that they offer.


Exegesis set up our HBSMR a long time ago, and they have provided a first class service ever since. The software is great to use but what really sets them apart is the support... this kind of assistance is essential, and I would absolutely recommend Exegesis/Idox for HER solutions.


We have used HBSMR for 8 years having migrated from our previous in-house designed HER database. During this time I have found the HBSMR team very approachable and quick to provide technical support when required. They have enabled us to modify modules within the database to hold bespoke data such as our Heritage at Risk surveys. We have also used HBSMR Web to increase public access to our records, we have received excellent feedback from our customers on the final product.


As an early adopter of HBSMR, we've been using the database for 25 years and no complaints! Easy to record data and manage planning casework all in one place. Help is always at hand and we're now a hosted HER giving us even more peace of mind particularly data security. Being part of the larger HBSMR community is a plus and the User Group has a high profile directing new developments. Exegesis/Idox staff have years of experience with HERs and know what we need.

North Lincolnshire

Peterborough City Council's HER is hosted by Exegesis/Idox. The product, modules and assistance are very good.

Peterborough City

As part of my project work I need to create records for use in County and local HERs across the country. HBSMR is by far the easiest and most straightforward to use, and having consistency of applications across the country makes managing projects and large scale data entry so much easier.

Cornwall NMP team

We transferred our HER to the cloud-hosted service for HBSMR and LibraryLink in 2023. Previously we were hosted by our local authority. We found that the process of transferring was swift, easy, and pain free as a small service. Now we are operating solely within the cloud we have achieved significant efficiencies in processing and delivering HER services (sometimes 6 times faster). Further it has allowed us to be more agile as a service especially when working outside the traditional office base.



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