QGIS Extensions

QGIS Constraint Checker

Constraint Checker is a time-saving application that interrogates data for information within a user defined area, point or line.
It allows complex interrogations to be completed quickly across any number of datasets, with the confidence that the results will be as complete, repeatable and accurate as your data allows.
  • Drills down through and reports on underlying data
  • Preset search and analysis parameters
  • Intuitive user interface and configuration screens
  • Works with multiple objects and with all object types, e.g. lines, points and polygons
  • Save standard constraint checks
  • Store metadata on your spatial data
Please contact us for a trial version of Constraint Checker for QGIS.

MapLink for QGIS

MapLink integrates database applications seamlessly with MapInfo Professional, ESRI ArcGIS and QGIS.

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