Spiranthes spirilisExegesis manages the CMSi software in partnership with the CMS consortium. This experience gives us a great deal of in-house practical expertise in management planning and any final plan can be provided in CMS as a complete management system or as a hard copy. We can:

  • Write plans for your conservation and amenity sites, species or habitats, or assist your staff to do so
  • Undertake stakeholder consultations and field visits
  • Help managers to identify what features are important and develop objectives based upon this
  • Develop achievable management actions within set budgets
  • Set up projects for monitoring and review
  • Write plans in CMSi using the built-in management planning approach if required
  • Produce plans using different planning structures to the client’s specification
  • Produce paper management plans

Two things make our management planning service unique:

  • We use a participatory approach that relieves local staff of much of the burden involved in plan preparation, but uses their knowledge to the full and gives them plan ownership.
  • We can hand over a complete management planning software system containing your plan in CMSi if required. This provides you with the software tools needed to implement and monitor your planned projects, to centralise all site records and to keep the whole plan up to date.

We also recognise that an understanding of what the plan is about is also essential. Our team is able to provide expertise across the ecological, archaeological and access disciplines. We have a wide range of clients around Europe who are using CMSi for management planning, so we also know many site managers who we can contact to discuss particular management issues.

Examples of our management planning work can be found in our portfolio.

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