Map Templates and DataSets

The Map Templates module provides a user-friendly interface for quickly preparing printable maps in MapInfo Professional.

Using Map Templates means that fully formatted, correctly scaled and professionally presented maps are generated in a few clicks.

  • Create a library of standard map templates
  • Specify the map scale and be sure it will be printed in that scale
  • Alternatively, auto scale the map to ensure that it fits on the chosen template
  • Zoom in/out and re-centre the map on the template
  • Add an overview map
  • Generate a map grid with coordinates around the map edges
  • Automatically place company or project logos, license numbers, etc. on the map
  • Add watermarks
  • Batch process the generatation of a series of maps
  • Auto key creation - for layers registered in the DataSets module

The DataSets module is shipped with Map Templates and allows a user or system administrator to properly manage and configure their data sets.

  • Allows a long description of the dataset, making it clearer to users what the data are
  • Keep track of data: where they are stored, when they were updated, etc.
  • Group data sets and load them at once

We will fully refund the cost of Map Templates and DataSets should you decide that you do not wish to keep them. You need only to notify us of your decision within one month of the date of supply.

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