CMSi Modules

Conservation Management System Modules
Rock Art. Cederberg Wilderness Area, Cape Nature

Within any site management team, no matter how small, there will be a number of roles that need to be carried-out. CMSi's modular approach allows you to select those elements that you need to ensure that all your staff have the system they need to fulfil their role.

Site Planning and Management

  • Integrates planning, delivery and monitoring to produce an adaptive and dynamic management system
  • Creates and maintains work programmes
  • Centralises and organises all your site information
  • Automates time-consuming administrative and reporting tasks
Conservation Management System Site Planning and Management

Habitat and Species Recording

  • Provides full control over survey design and data collection to ensure your surveyors return the data you need when you need it
  • Integrates your survey data with your other site information
  • Store and map all species and vegetation records link them to the management plans
  • Mobile apps for field recording
Conservation Management System Habitat and Species Recording

Property and Agreements

  • Comprehensive management of all aspects of property including ownership and agreements
  • Maps and manages all land holdings and asset information
  • Cross-link all property and agreement records to the management plan
  • Customisable alerts when actions are required e.g. renewal of leases or agreements
Conservation Management System Property and Agreements

Cultural Heritage

  • Specialised module for the integrated management of archaeological and historic sites, cultural landscapes and geology
  • Integration with CMSi Survey app for asset inspections and surveys
  • Integration with CMSi Web and CMSi Desktop for maintenance
Conservation Management System Cultural Heritage

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