CMSi Survey App

Conservation Management System Mobile

CMSi Survey app is the perfect partner to CMSi Desktop and CMSi Web allowing to carry-out all your surveys in the field with the minimum of fuss. And what's more you design the surveys yourself ensuring you and your surveyors collect only the data you need.

The application also comes with some powerful features to assist you in your work.

Conservation Management System Mobile Map

Map-centric design

Using your device's GPS, CMSi Survey app shows you the items nearby that you wish to survey. With a few taps you enter your data using the fields and drop-down lists that you have specified! And if you're carrying-out infrastructure inspections the app even let's you record new items, allowing you to rapidly build-up a registry of those assets in CMSi.

You can also use your GPS to create a record of the survey route you took. This track can then be uploaded to the CMSi database for future reference. 

Clear, easy-to-use forms

Ease-of-use has been a strong guiding principle in the design and layout of the app because we know how important it is to be able to quickly gather data before moving-on to our next survey point no matter what the conditions.

Conservation Management System Mobile Form

To learn more, talk to other users or see CMSi in action, please contact us at +44 (0) 1874 711145 or

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