CAMS Pro is the newest member of the CAMS suite of products and brings together the core functions of CAMS Desktop and CAMS Web in a single web-based product.

  • A modular approach allows you to select the elements you need to ensure staff can fulfil their roles
  • Role-based configuration controls what data is visible and editable by whom
  • CAMS Pro uses fully responsive design to ensure optimum user experience on all devices from smartphone to PC
  • CAMS Pro features an integrates Content Management System, giving complete control over the appearance and content of web pages around the core components
  • The CAMS Pro API enables data to be shared with partners

CAMS Pro screenshot


  • All your CAMS data available on-line
  • Provide different access to modules and records for different user groups (for example, officers, volunteers, contractors, and members of the public)
  • Receive issues from the public
  • Manage tasks for volunteers and contractors
  • Dynamic mapping tools and powerful search options
  • Data entry wizards, to ensure you get all the information you need
  • Clear and easy-to-use forms

CAMS Pro screenshot 2


To learn more and see CAMS Pro in action please contact us, call +44 (0)3330 146883 or email

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