We provide specialist hosting of all Exegesis desktop and web applications: CAMS, HBSMR, CMSi, any bespoke applications we have developed, and indeed any other software. When your applications run on our servers, they can be used from any of your PCs and even from home, other offices, or out in the field. Our hosting is secured with RD Gateway, TLS, i.p. filtering, and multi-factor authentication, to ensure that only you can connect and see your data. We can have you fully operational within days of placing an order.

exeGesIS application hosting image

Our recommended solution is to use one of our "VPS" (virtual private server) packages, giving you and your applications a dedicated server. For small-scale scenarios we can also host your application on a shared server. Our servers are all "managed", that is we keep the server up to date with security updates and patches, and monitor performance and availability. All packages can make use of our shared SQL Server and/or PostgreSQL database servers.

Please contact us for more information about options and pricing; there are several packages available and options to choose from, designed to give you precisely the power and space you need for the right price. Charities are eligible for 25% discounts on pricing of some services.

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