We provide specialist hosting of all exeGesIS desktop applications: CAMS, HBSMR, CMSi, PACS, any bespoke applications we have developed, or indeed any other desktop software. When your applications run on our servers, they can be used from any of your PCs and even from home, other offices, or out in the field. Our hosting is secured with RD Gateway, TLS, i.p. filtering, and optional multi-factor authentication, to ensure that only you can connect and see your data. We can have you fully operational within days of placing an order.

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Our recommended solution is to use one of our "VPS" (virtual private server) packages, giving you and your applications a dedicated server. For small-scale scenarios we can also host your application on a shared server. Our servers are all "managed", that is we keep the server up to date with security updates and patches, and monitor performance and availability. All packages can make use of our shared SQL Server and/or PostGreSQL database servers.

Please contact us for more information about options and pricing; there are several packages available and options to choose from, designed to give you precisely the power and space you need for the right price. Charities are eligible for 25% discounts on pricing of some services.

Main services and options include:


The start-up phase includes setting up the server, configuring licensing, firewalls, anti-virus, connectivity to database server and internet, installation of your applications, backups, and ensuring you can connect successfully. Pricing depends on the complexity of your applications and datasets - please contact us to discuss your detailed requirements.

A typical start-up would take one to five days, depending on complexity and numbers of users.

Application Server Options

We run your applications within our private could hosting infrastructure.  Our infrastructure is based on Microsoft Windows Server 2019® and underpinned by the latest "highly available" storage solution technologies. Our resilient Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are hosted on Dell Server Cluster hardware running Storage Spaces Direct (S2D). 

We offer four main packages, as follows, with additional options for storage, users, administration and backups below.

Package: Shared Server Virtual Private Server (VPS) 1 VPS 2 VPS 3 Other
RAM n/a 4GB 8GB 16GB Additional RAM if required
CPU n/a 2 2 4 Additional CPU  if required
Operating System drive n/a 50GB 70GB 100GB Additional if required
Data drive see below see below see below see below  


Data Storage Options

We provide a dedicated data drive on all Virtual Private Servers, with various sizes to suit your needs.

Database Server

Depending on your application, you are likely to want to make use of our shared SQL Server and/or PostGreSQL database servers. Pricing depends on database sizes and is provided as a fully managed service considering performance, uptime and security. These prices include off-site backups, with 30 days retention of the daily backup and 30 weeks retention of a weekly backup (simple recovery model).
Our database servers are running using enterprise grade Dell hardware with fast solid state disk drives.
We combine three different backup / failover methods for our SQL instances and our primary Microsoft SQL Virtual Machine;

1/ Daily and Weekly offsite encrypted backups

2/ Nightly whole VM snapshot backups using enterprise grade software and a NAS

3/ Hourly Hyper-V Replica onto alternate hardware.
Hyper-V Replica replicates/copies the entire database server virtual machine and virtual disks to secondary hardware every 15 minutes, and includes application consistent backups every hour.
This means that in the case of a critical hardware or operating system failure of our primary dedicated host computer, our Recovery Point Objective (RPO) to recover and fully restore the Hyper-V replica SQL server to different hardware is a maximum of 1 hour, and our Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is less than 15 minutes.

Backup Options

Backups for your databases are included in the pricing above, but beyond this you will also want security for your application files plus any images, documents and other files stored on your server. We offer two levels of backup to protect against accidental loss or corruption. Firstly, and for no extra charge, we backup images of the servers on-site every night for disaster recovery. Secondly, we offer "off-site" nightly backups, which involve copying files to a 3rd party cloud-based encrypted backup service, with 30 days retention of the daily backup as standard. This "off-site" backup provides the facility for you to recover accidentally changed or deleted files, and recovery from disasters that affect all other on-site measures. Optionally we can extend this backup to retain 30 weeks retention of a weekly backup. Off-site backups are charged by volume, sold in 10GB units.

Recovery from hardware or system faults is carried out at our cost on a best endeavours basis; recovery of files at the client's request (e.g. accidental data loss) is carried out under call-off support time, or at standard consultancy rates if no call-off support time is available. Clients taking out the "Server Administration Rights Option" (see below) can manage their own backup and recovery if desired.


We charge a simple flat rate per connecting user, covering the costs of Windows Remote Desktop licensing, plus licence server management and configuration. By a user we mean a single named login account, which can be used from any computer. Note: this does not include licensing for any exeGesIS applications such as CAMS/HBSMR, or for 3rd party products like MS Office, MapInfo Professional or ArcGIS - these licences must be supplied by you or purchased in addition. Our pricing is subject to changes in the UK Microsoft Public Sector Agreement.

Multi-Factor Authentication

We offer optional multi-factor authentication using Duo from Cisco. 

MS Office

We can offer Microsoft Office Standard or Professional, with a simple flat rate charge per user. By a user we mean a single named login account. Office Standard includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and Publisher.  Office Professional additionally includes Access.

Call-off Support Options

Normal exeGesIS technical support is by phone/email, but when you use our application hosting services you can ask us for more direct assistance. This can include on-line training, resolving data problems, retrieving files from backups, advanced configuration, in fact anything you need. This extra assistance is supplied as "call-off" time, which is reduced price consultancy time that can be drawn down whenever required (during office hours). We strongly recommend at least one day of call-off time per year, and existing clients always tell us they benefit from having more.

Unused call-off time in any annual period can be carried forward for up to three months, or converted into credits for training courses.

Application Management Option

We keep your servers up to date with operating system patches, but your applications will also require upgrades and patches from time to time. You are likely to be entitled to these patches and upgrades under your Maintenance And Technical Support contract, but there is still work to be done to install and configure these patches. We can do this under call-off time, or we can add the following option to your contract, under which we will apply any available upgrades and patches for up to five applications on your server (for example, CAMS, LibraryLink, MapLink, ArcGIS and Office). Upgrades will be applied and scheduled in discussion with you.

Server Administrative Rights Option

Some clients prefer to manage aspects of a dedicated server themselves, such as installing application upgrades, configuring user accounts and security, restoring backups etc. This may replace the need for our Call-Off Support and/or Application Management services.  This option is only available on VPS packages, and is subject to agreement.

Administrative Session Sharing Option

We can permit one or more "power user" accounts to be able to share screens with other users on the same server. This can be used to provide training to new users, trouble-shoot issues raised by remote users, etc. It is particularly useful where users are working from different locations. This option is only available on VPS packages.

TLS1.2 /HTTPS Secured Connections

Additional security and flexibility for remote users is achieved by providing all access over a certificated encrypted connection, where the RemoteApp / Remote Desktop sessions are tunnelled over HTTPS using the industry standard TLS1.2 transport layer security.
In addition, we can provide Two Factor Authentication (2FA) using our partnership with Duo security.  This allows customers to further secure their access to ensure extra peace of mind or to satisfy compliance departments.  Users can be signed up for Duo Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for a small nominal fee which is charged per user per month.

Map Data Services Options

You may be able to use existing corporate web mapping services to supply your Ordnance Survey basemaps. If not, we can offer subscription-based access to the Ordnance Survey "Open Data" mapping layers. Pricing includes a flat rate for access, plus a small charge per user per annum.

Open Data raster mapping from whole UK to StreetView
BoundaryLine (administrative areas)
Contours (from 1:50,000 maps)
Other data available on request

Web Server Option

You may also want to run web sites or services on your server, requiring installation and configuration of IIS. Note that running web sites/services may have implications for the power/capacity needed on your server. Work to set up your web applications is carried out under call-off support time, or at standard consultancy rates if no call-off support time is available. Clients with Server Administration Rights may undertake this work themselves if desired.


If you can extend your hosting period to multiple years, we are happy to offer a 10% discount on the first additional year purchased, and 13% on the second.

For example, if your hosting package for one year is priced at £3000, then purchasing two years together would be priced at £3000 + £2700 = £5700. Purchasing three years together would be priced at £3000 + £2700 + £2610 = £8310.

Small print

Prices exclude VAT @ 20%. Hosting charges are payable in advance. Minimum hosting period 12 months. Hosting will be renewed annually automatically unless you give 60 days notice of termination - we will contact you at least 70 days in advance of the renewal date with a reminder. Where pricing is based on volume, exceeding the volume paid for during the hosting period will be subject to extra charges.

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