GIS Software

Exegesis is a reseller for both the MapInfo and ESRI ArcGIS software suites.

We use both MapInfo Professional and ESRI ArcGIS, as well as open-source GIS solutions such as GRASS and QGIS. We have extensive knowledge and experience of the various GIS products and extensions which are available, and are therefore well placed to advise which software may suit your requirements.

Whether you need GIS software for specific purpose or just want some general advice, please contact us for a free informal discussion.

GI Systems

Geographic Information Systems are not just about software. They integrate hardware, software, and data, and are most effective when information is shared between departments. The design of the system is therefore an integral part of the efficient use of GIS.

Whether you are new to GIS or have been using it for years we can provide expert help at all stages of the GIS project life-cycle including:

  • Development of tender, system and project specifications
  • Assessment of system and project options
  • Development of project processes and methodologies
  • Identification, translation and supply of appropriate data
  • Assessment of hardware requirements
  • Identification, supply and customisation of software
  • Hosting of clients’ data and/or applications
  • Provision of cost-effective mobile applications or web mapping solutions
  • Identification and provision of user / administrator training

If you would like more information about our system services, please contact us for a free informal discussion.

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