CAMS Mobile

CAMS Mobile allows CAMS to be accessed in the field.

  • CAMS MobileRecord details of works in just a couple of screen taps
  • Plot Furniture and Issues on the map using GPS
  • Photograph items using the in-built camera
  • Record Jobs, Routes and Land using intuitive forms

CAMS Mobile gives you:

  • Live data collection in the field
  • Portable, lightweight smartphone / tablet
  • Fast, accurate GPS
  • Fast, simple recording of data
  • Mapping and intuitive forms
  • In-built camera
  • Seamless data synchronization

CAMS Mobile is ideal for:

  • Carrying-out condition surveys
  • Ad hoc recording of work
  • Information resource in your pocket
  • Populating asset registers
  • Recording issues
  • Recording details of site visits

CAMS Mobile map screenA touch of a button synchronizes the data on your device with your CAMS. So you are always working with a copy of your live data. You can synchronize your data anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi or 3G connection, there’s no need to bring the tablet into the office to get your data. And no need to worry about surveying in areas where there’s no signal.

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