Environments and Gazetteers

Provides an interface for MapInfo Professional so that users can easily set-up their own gazetteers and combines this with a facility to create user specific 'work environments'.

This very popular extension allows you to take existing spatial data sets and the use them to build a range of gazetteers, that enable rapid map positioning on towns, postcodes, clients, road numbers or pretty much any data reference.

  • Configuration module for loading data into an environment
  • Immediate positioning on single search matches
  • User selection where an exact match cannot be made
  • Automatic map scaling matches the zoom to the size of the selected location
  • Associate meaningful names with workspaces and searches
  • Built in data integrity checking
  • Configure bespoke button pads and applications from within environments

We will fully refund the cost of any of Environments and Gazetteers should you decide that you do not wish to keep it. You need only to notify us of your decision within one month of the date of supply.

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