Marine Recorder version 5

Marine Recorder version 5 is available for free download using the links below. System requirements are detailed in the Marine Recorder user manual (5.8MB). The install files for older versions are in the Marine Recorder archive.


If you are upgrading from version 3.x, you must do a FULL install of version 5. This is because version 5 uses a runtime version of Access 2003, whilst version 3 used Access 97. Once the new version is installed you will be presented with options for upgrading data from version 3.


  • All existing data volumes (NBNDATA.MDB) will automatically upgrade when used for the first time in version 5.
  • All elements of Marine Recorder (e.g. snapshot, merge tool, etc.) must be upgraded to version 5 at the same time.
Software downloads

This has the install files for Marine Recorder 5 and associated tools.

Documentation downloads

The documentation for version 5 is unchanged from version 4, as the differences are in the species dictionary. Right click on the link below and select 'Save As' to save to your computer.

Marine Recorder user manual (5.8MB)

Marine Recorder User manual v 4 - Microsoft Word format.

Marine Snapshot manual (1 MB)

Snapshot user manual v4.0 - Microsoft Word format.

Marine Recorder Administrator manual (1MB) Marine Recorder v4.0 Administrator manual - Microsoft Word format.
Marine Recorder Technical manual (1.5MB) Marine Recorder v4.0 Technical documentation - Microsoft Word format.
Marine Recorder Merge manual (0.2MB) Documentation for the Marine Merge tool v 4.0 - Microsoft Word format.
Marine Recorder Reporting Tool (1 MB) Documentation for the Marine Recorder Reporting Tool v4.0 - Microsoft Word format.
Report wizard module documentation (0.5 MB) Documentation for the reporting wizard module - Microsoft Word format.
JNCC validation procedures (<0.1 MB) JNCC's recommendations for data validation - Microsoft Word format.
Notes on Avoiding Security Errors In Access 2010 Guidance if running on Vista / Windows 7 and you are having security issues.
MEDIN Import / Export functionality - v5 Details for Medin import / export - NOTE: Needs Marine Recorder v5
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