FlyMapper: Record, manage & report fly tipping

FlyMapper logoFlyMapper is the national fly-tipping recording and monitoring system for Local Authorities in Wales and is now available to public bodies in England, as well as private organisations.

FlyMapper comprises a mobile app, FlyMapper Mobile, and web application, FlyMapper Web.

FlyMapper Mobile downloads onto most mobile devices and allows fly-tipping incidents to be rapidly recorded and photographed in the field, and existing incidents to be viewed and edited. It automatically synchronises with FlyMapper Web, which allows full editing, analysis and reporting of incidents.

View a short video produced by Zero Waste Scotland about FlyMapper in Scotland.

FlyMapper is a partnership project between exeGesIS, national agencies and local authorities.

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"Coming into the pilot I was extremely dubious of any advantages of FlyMapper having been an avid user of Fly Capture, however having used the system over the last few months my opinion has changed. I can see the potential for an improved simple system with instant visual representation of fly tipping. The photographs are a great addition and the collected data will help to inform on future policy change."

Street Scene Coordinator
East Ayrshire Council


"FlyMapper highlights the problems within a specific area and as a result you can prioritise the officer’s time and give more resources to a specific area so that our actions can be targeted more effectively”

Craig Owen
Senior Waste Education and Enforcement Officer
Cardiff City Council


“Our collection crews have been using the FlyMapper system, so we are able to log all fly-tipping that is occurring within Rhondda Cynon Taff.  By logging every complaint we are able to get a true picture of where the tipping is taking place and can easily identify regular dumping spots to establish where surveillance needs to be directed.  We find the system invaluable in the day to day collection and enforcement of fly-tipping.”

Tim Jones
Street care Enforcement Officer
Rhondda Cynon Taff Council

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