HBSMR Consultations Module

Historic Environment Record services act as consultees and advisors to the planning process, and are also frequently consulted by archaeological and environmental contractors and consultants, by the general public, and by students and academics. All formal consultations need to be managed, documented and archived. The HBSMR Consultation Module is provided to meet these needs. A Consultation record details the stages of the consultation process, the actions undertaken and the resulting outcomes. Cross-references to other HBSMR data may be created and maintained. This module is normally used by casework officers and HER officers.


  • Records organisations, individuals or agents as source of consultation
  • Records types of consultations, log date, target date and completion date
  • Records location information, proposals, multiple recommendations and outcomes
  • Fully integrated spatial recording with ESRI ArcGIS or MapInfo Professional including powerful 'Get from GIS' function that instantly identifies all Monuments within the consultation area
  • Consultations can be grouped to allow the recording of even very complex consultation processes
  • Reporting with default or custom reports
  • Can link to associated images and documents managed with the exeGesIS SDM LibraryLink product
  • Data entry logged as part of HBSMR Audit Trail


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