CMSi Desktop

Conservation Management System Desktop

CMSi Desktop is a complete solution for site management. Everything from project planning to habitat surveys, from asset management to monitoring your agreements is all handled in this one system. Desktop is also where you generate your management plans and administer your users and translations. You can also manage all your photo and document resources with our own web-based document management system. And not only that but you can also harness the power of your corporate GIS, be it QGIS, MapInfo or ArcGIS to manage all your spatial data from site boundaries to assets.

The application also comes with some powerful features to assist you in your work ...


Dynamic mapping tools

The map is a source of information as well as the means by which we navigate to further information. CMSi Desktop mapping includes some powerful but simple-to-use tools to allow you to quickly make layers visible, to filter information, to switch background mapping and easily export maps for printing and sharing. 

Conservation Management System Desktop Map


Conservation Management System Desktop Search

Powerful Search Tools

Being able to search and filter your management information is crucial to efficient working. CMSi Desktop's powerful search tools allow you to quickly find the information you need where you can open a record for update, run a report or even bulk update records.


Trees for rapid navigation

Information in CMSi Desktop is presented in clear, simple-to-use forms. You can chose the information that you want to display. Within one or two taps you are able to update the information and of course view the record on the map.

Conservation Management System Desktop Tree


Conservation Management System Desktop Form

Powerful Forms

Each form brings together all data for a site, agreement, project etc but also provides access to all associated records with just a click. So from a project you can easily view all the compartments it relates to, for example. Or from a feature you can navigate directly to all the agreements, active or historic, for that piece of land. And then whatever form you are on another click shows you that record on the map whilst another shows you a browser of all linked documents. You're never far from your data!


Management Planning Tools

As your entry point to the application your dashboard displays everything that is relevant to you and your role. So it will list your sites and the projects you are working on. If you are carrying-out estate work there will be links to allow you to record that work.

Conservation Management System Desktop Tools


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