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As the newest member of our CMSi suite of products, there is a lot of excitement around CMSi Web. Indeed within the next few years we aim to transition 80% of users to it from desktop and mobile. CMSi Web's map-centric design provides rapid access to the information you need to manage your sites. Retrieving information and managing your projects is fast and simple straight from the map. This combined with our beautiful clean interface and easy-to-use forms make CMSi Web the ideal tool for site management whether that be from your desk or out in the field.

The application also comes with some powerful features to assist you in your work ...


Conservation Management System Web My Tasks

Personalised dashboard

As your entry point to the application your dashboard displays everything that is relevant to you and your role. So it will list your sites and the projects you are working on. If you are carrying-out estate work there will be links to allow you to record that work.


Dynamic mapping tools

The map is a source of information as well as the means by which we navigate to further information. CMSi Web mapping includes some powerful but simple-to-use tools to allow you to quickly make layers visible, to filter information, to switch background mapping and easily export maps for printing and sharing.

Conservation Management System Web Map Tools


Conservation Management System Web Search Tools

Powerful Search Tools

Being able to search and filter your management information is crucial to efficient working. CMSi Web's powerful search tools allow you to quickly find the information you need where you can open a record for update, run a report or even bulk update records.


Clear, simple-to-use forms

Information in CMSi Web is presented in clear, simple-to-use forms. You can chose the information that you want to display. Within one or two taps you are able to update the information and of course view the record on the map.

Conservation Management System Web Form


Conservation Management System Web Mobile Device

Location-based, flexible working

CMSi Web harnesses the power of GPS to provide you with the information relevant to your location when working in the field. If you need to know what projects are happening or what agreements, for example, are in place right where you're stood CMSi Web can provide that in just a couple of taps.


To learn more, talk to other users or see CMSi in action, please contact us at +44 (0) 1874 711145 or


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