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Powys Annual BVPI Survey

Client: Powys County Council

As part of their annual maintenance scheme Powys County Council requires a condition survey carried out on a 5% sample of the Rights of Way network, in line with established BVPI (best value performance indicator) standards.

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Ramblers Routes

Client: The Ramblers

Ramblers RoutesWe created a national web-based system for crowd-sourcing and managing high-quality walking routes for the Ramblers. Routes are developed and checked by volunteer users, with a library of several thousand walking routes already created. These walks are published through the Ramblers website.

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Mobilisation of species distribution and population data to support UK Habitats Directive (Article 17) reporting

Client: Joint Nature Conservation Committee

Mobilisation of Habitats Directive species data

Exegesis investigated and mobilised the available data on 120 species covered by the Habitats Directive. These data were sought from third-party data holders, determining the data that exists and then working towards mobilising it on the NBN Gateway so that it could be used during preparation of the third Article 17 report.

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Online Mapping for GiGL

Client: Greenspace Information for Greater London

iGIGL online data portalExegesis were contracted to create web mapping for iGiGL, the online data portal of the capital's environmental records centre. The finished mapping system reveals different data to different users. Further custom development work has allowed surveys designed by GiGL staff through the CMS to be submitted to an Indicia Warehouse.

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Ceredigion Annual BVPI Survey

Client: Ceredigion County Council

Ceredigion BVPI SurveyCeredigion County Council required a condition survey carried out on a 5% sample of the Rights of Way network. exeGesIS undertook the survey, analysed the condition data and produced reports. The data was also imported into CAMS in order to make it accessible to all officers responsible for the network.

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Monmouthshire CAMS Web

Client: Monmouthshire County Council

Monmouthshire CAMS Web is a joint project between exeGesIS and Monmouthshire Council to provide an online copy of their definitive map for members of their authority. The interactive web map is hosted by exeGesIS.

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Exploring Kent's Past

Client: Kent County Council

Exploring Kent's PastExploring Kent’s Past was a project that aimed to help people become involved in, learn more about and enjoy Kent’s rich heritage.  The project, which was supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, began in August 2004 and ended in 2009.

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Wales Coast Path Digitisation

Client: Natural Resources Wales / Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru

Wales Coast Path Digitisation ProjectexeGesIS worked closely with Natural Resources Wales prior to the opening of the Wales Coast Path to provide a digital copy of the path for reference and release to the public in a variety of formats. The task required splitting and labelling approximately 1,500 km of path network supplied by NRW.

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Highland HER Online

Client: The Highland Council

Highland HER coverageexeGesIS was commissioned by The Highland Council to migrate their existing Historic Environment Record (HER) systems into our HBSMR application platform. With an area the size of a small country, a key part of this work was to publish the HER online, to make it more accessible to Highland residents and heritage professionals.

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Marine Planning Portal

Client: Marine Management Organisation

Marine Planning PortalWe developed the Marine Planning Portal web site as a way of publishing marine data and facilitating stakeholder engagement required for marine planning. Users were able to comment on the published data sets or on specific map features, allowing comments to be downloaded for further analysis and processing.

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