Bristol City Rights of Way Survey

Client: Bristol City Council

Over many years, Bristol City Council had collected a large amount of information relating to the assets on their Rights of Way network, but these data varied in their age. In order to bring the entire dataset up to date, exeGesIS were asked to complete a full resurvey of the network. Nevertheless, some of the existing data were still relevant and included information that could not easily be captured by survey in the field, so it was important that none of this was lost.

Bristol Rights of Way SurveyexeGesIS worked with Bristol City Council to develop the methodology for the survey. We then used our Path Surveyor application to complete the survey, loading all the existing data onto handheld devices so that they were visible to the surveyor in the field. This enabled the surveyor to see what information already existed, update data on existing features where it was out of date and capture new features from scratch. This was done whilst retaining information that was still relevant.

A particular requirement for this survey was the capture of photographs for all features, not only for all furniture items (both new and existing) and for all issues, but also general photographs of the paths were required as well. These photos were captured on survey and processed via Field Data Manger into LibraryLink, where they are visible from the Council’s CAMS application.

Further information from Timothy Derbyshire.

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