Conservation Management System Pricing
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CMSi was started by Conservation Management System Consortium (CMSC), a group of conservation organisations operating on a not-for-profit basis. The aim of the consortium wass simply to improve the quality of conservation and countryside management. CMSi needs to be economically sustainable and the consortium determined that the best way to achieve that is by adopting a semi-commercial business model. For this reason the consortium has contracted development, sales & support to exeGesIS, a specialist UK-based software and environmental consultancy.
Pricing and licensing principles
  • exeGesIS does not aim to recover initial investment but rather wishes to secure sufficient income to cover continuing development, management and support.
  • exeGesIS wishes to be fair with its pricing and therefore offers a pricing structure that reflects ‘ability to pay’.
  • exeGesIS will trust the user community and if there is any doubt over an organisation's financial standing, then exeGesIS will trust user organisations to correctly classify themselves.
  • Licensing will allow the software to be installed on more computers than licences purchased – providing no more than the licensed number are used at any one time. The consortium will trust users to respect this rule.
  • Where there is no ability to pay and where, in the view of exeGesIS, CMSi would be well-used then the CMSi software may be provided free of charge.
  • CMSi should represent exceptional value compared to other land management / asset applications.
  • CMSi licences may be purchased ‘in perpetuity’, or leased for a fixed period.
  • Pricing and licensing arrangements must be totally transparent.
  • Organisations will be able to install and run CMSi on their own IT infrastructure or have it hosted.
Ability to pay

Pricing is dependent upon an organisation's ability to pay and to enable this organisations are classified into one of three broad types:

Tier 1: Qualifying charitable / non-profit sector
This category is intended to include the smaller organisations, typically local or regional charitable or non-profit organisations

Tier 2: Public sector & non-qualifying charity / non-profit
This category includes all public sector / governmental organisations plus national charitable or non-profit organisations that do not qualify in Tier 1

Tier 3: Private sector / commercial
This category is all users who do not qualify for Tiers 1 or 2


To learn more, talk to other users or see CMSi in action, please contact us at +44 (0) 1874 711145 or

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