Exegesis Spatial Data Management


Ecological field survey

exeGesIS offers a complete ecological survey package, covering the following key aspects:

  • Project and survey management
  • Survey methodology development
  • Survey set up and preparation
  • Integrated field data collection
  • Data collation in custom databases or GIS
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Web mapping of results

As well as in-house staff with substantial field survey experience, exeGesIS has an extensive list of subcontractors that we can call upon to carry out survey work. Our team includes general habitat surveyors, as well as specialists in particular habitats, species or species groups. We also have in-house statisticians to assist with complex statistical analysis.

We can set up and manage in-field technology for ecological data collection. Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) are an affordable and practical option for field survey use. More information on their features and benefits can be found on our survey software page.

We also have the experience of and technology for translating field data into databases and GIS. We can also publish collected data on the internet or an internal system, as is described on our web mapping page.

Examples of our field survey projects can be found in our portfolio.

Trifolium fragiferum, Arvicola terrestris, Hygrocybe coccinea, Callophrys rubi, Anguis fragilis, Orchis morio

Further information

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