exeGesIS Spatial Data Management


Hosting HBSMR

We are able to host your HBSMR application and data on our London-based servers. Utilising the power and adaptability of Microsoft RemoteApp we can help you work more flexibly and more efficiently. Running HBSMR in a hosted environment provides the following benefits:

  • Workload on local ICT teams is minimised - you just need a computer with internet access.
  • You can access HBSMR from anywhere - in the office, at home or on-site - anywhere with access to the internet.
  • We can give you better support, as we have direct access to the application and database servers, without the need to negotiate and set up remote access sessions.
  • We can keep your HBSMR and related modules fully up-to-date with upgrades when they are released, instead of having to wait for your ICT.
  • Performance is generally far better than when running HBSMR on a Council network.

We can arrange for live demonstrations of hosted HBSMR at short notice - please contact us if interested.

Want to know more about HBSMR?

Call our Historic Environment Team on +44 (0)1874 713072 or use the form below - we will get back to you asap.

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