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Conservation Management System
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Used internationally by respected conservation agencies, CMSi is a comprehensive, map-based solution for the management of protected areas and other important sites.

Adaptive Management for Conservation

CMSi is built around the concept of Adaptive Management: Planning, Management, Monitoring and Review. A process that recognises the fundamental complexities and uncertainties of conservation management and aims for constant improvement. Many flavours and variations of adaptive management exist and CMSi offers sufficient flexibility to allow implementation of most.

Comprehensive Solution

CMSi recognises that good site management is a holistic process. The management of buildings, property agreements, cultural heritage, budgets and other resources can be as central to achieving good conservation outcomes as the management and monitoring of habitat and species. This is why CMSi covers all these aspects of site management.

Map-based Interface

Central to the way we think and work in CMSi is the map. Indeed we believe this is how our users perceive and relate to the world around them; spatially. And so increasingly in CMSi, especially as we move to CMSiWeb, the map, rather than being another view of our information is becoming the starting point for all we do.

Flexible Approach

As site managers so much of what we do is of similar experience. We all manage habitats and species and have assets to maintain and agreements to keep a check on, right? Sure, but if we look more closely you realise that we all have our own approaches to this work. And so for this reason we have built flexibility into all that we do in CMSi. You choose the modules you need to perform your role and then you choose the design and appearance for those modules. There is very little in the application that cannot be changed from the map design to form behaviour. You can even choose the language used. And finally through CMSi's unique API you can integrate seamlessly with your Finance, CRM and other back-end systems.


By placing our users at the heart of the development process we ensure that we can make the most of technological advances to meet your ever-changing needs, a process enabled through regular client-facing webinars and other forums.

Conservation Management System Solution


CMSi's unique combination of web, desktop and mobile ensures that each user has the system they need to carry-out their work no matter where they are.

Conservation Management System Benefits


Fully integrates all aspects of site management from site planning to habitat and species recording to property and cultural heritage management

Conservation Management System Modules


CMSi's modular approach allows you to select the components you need to build the system that is right for you.

Conservation Management System Community


Becoming a CMSi user provides access to a whole bunch of resources including regular webinars and other one-off events such as our recent management planning workshop.



To learn more, talk to other users, or see CMSi in action, please contact us at +44 (0) 1874 711145 or cmsi@idoxgroup.com