Providing public access to heritage data is an increasingly important objective for all Historic Environment Records. 

  • HBSMR Web creates attractive, informative websites, with rich HER content from HBSMR, including interactive mapping. HBSMR Web helped the Highland Council Historic Environment Record Service win the "Making the Highlands an Even Better Place to Live" award in 2018.
  • HBSMR API provides a suite of modern web services for making open data available to partners and their information systems.

HBSMR Web sites are built within an open source 'content management system', giving complete control over the appearance and content of web pages, and complete freedom to build your own site around the core components.

HBSMR Web uses fully responsive design to ensure optimum user experience on all devices from smartphone to PC, and can even incorporate Progressive Web Apps for offline working. So HBSMR Web can be used to create mobile applications to display and query HBSMR data in the field and submit data back to the HER.

Colchester Heritage Explorer Highland Historic Environment Record

(Web pages and images - © Colchester Borough Council, The Highland Council)


  • Publish data from all HBSMR modules including Themes
  • Easily designed and edited web content
  • Social and interactive features such as blogs, forums, events calendars, etc
  • Feedback facilities, from simple e-mail notifications to sophisticated data entry forms, provide the ability to submit new information about sites and report new ones
  • Provide differential access to modules and records for different audiences


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