Steve is a HBSMR consultant, ArcGIS trainer, project manager and infrastructure manager.

Steve joined Exegesis in 2007 as a HBSMR consultant but soon took on the additional responsibility of leading the company's ArcGIS training. He is also involved in managing a number of development projects including SHINE and SHINE-HLS.

Prior to joining Exegesis, Steve worked for English Heritage at the Greater London Sites and Monuments Record for almost three years after leaving a demanding senior IT management role in the city and retraining as an archaeologist, completing both a BSc and an MA in Archaeology at UCL.

He is learning to embrace life away from the bright lights of a big city and is enjoying the Welsh outdoors. He has recently taken up fencing, attended a number of wilderness survival training courses, learnt how to make a longbow, and is currently renovating his house whilst waiting for the zombie apocalypse.

Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Heritage IT Consultant


Telephone: 03330146758

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