Documentation of the NBN REST API

Client: Joint Nature Conservation Committee

The new version of the NBN Gateway includes a number of very significant enhancements, one of which is the inclusion of new RESTful web services. The REST API provides programmatic access to data held by the NBN Gateway. This allows users to carry out all the tasks they would normally undertake through the NBN Gateway entirely through code and is designed for use in bespoke websites and software applications.

Documenting the NBN REST web servicesexeGesIS was contracted by the JNCC to provide documentation for the REST API. This was aimed at hobbyist programmers and included a ‘cookbook’ showing how to make a REST call and interpret the response for the following types of request:

  • Show a species map
  • Show a species map on an interactive map
  • Get a species list for a 10 km square
  • Get a species list for a site
  • Show the taxonomy tree for a species
  • Log in to the NBN Gateway
  • Get species records for a 10 km square
  • Get species records for a polygon
  • Get species records within a radius surrounding a point

Further information from Andy Brewer.

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