Client: Zero Waste Scotland and Fly Tipping Action Wales

FlyMapper was created as a joint initiative between Zero Waste Scotland and Fly Tipping Action Wales for the reporting and management of fly tipping incidents. Developed by Exegesis, FlyMapper combines field recording of incidents via a mobile application and the management of data through a central database which is shared by multiple organisations.

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The system is currently in use by 12 Local Authorities in Scotland and 15 in Wales and had recorded over 80,000 fly-tipping incidents since 2014.

FlyMapper has two components: FlyMapper Web and FlyMapper Mobile. These are two ‘views’ onto the same dataset (if you add a record on the mobile you see it on web and vice versa):

FlyMapper Mobile:

  • Smartphone app utilising GPS
  • Simple to use
  • Works on Android and iOS devices
  • Works on and off-line (using local mapping)

FlyMapper Web – similar functionality to the mobile app plus:

  • User registration management
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Data export
  • WMS
  • Optimised for office use on standard web browsers

Further information is available from Richard Griffiths.

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