Mobilisation of species distribution and population data to support UK Habitats Directive (Article 17) reporting

Client: Joint Nature Conservation Committee

Every six years, Member States of the European Union are required to report on implementation of the Habitats Directive (Article 17). This report covers the conservation measures undertaken and the resultant conservation status of the species and habitats listed in the Annexes of the Directive.Marsh fritillary Euphydryas aurinia. © M. J. Lush

JNCC commissioned Exegesis to investigate and mobilise the available data on the 120 species covered by the Annexes, in preparation for the third report, due in June 2013. These data were sought from third-party data holders, initially determining the data that exists and then working towards mobilising it on the NBN Gateway so that it could be used for reporting. Mobilising the data also involved validating and preparing the data for submission where required.

Further information from Mike Lush.

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