Client: Natural England and Historic England

Selected Heritage Inventory for England Shine websiteSelected Heritage Inventory for Natural England (SHINE) is an on-line system for ensuring that high quality historic environment advice is included in Entry and Higher Level Stewardship agri-environment schemes.

First the system manages the baseline SHINE dataset, determining which sites are eligible for management. The SHINE data is created and maintained by the regional/local Historic Environment Records, who can update the dataset for their geographical area at any time. A strict rule checker ensures that all SHINE data is fit for purpose on uploading. The system also includes various statutory designations from Historic England.

Then the website manages the workflow of consultations with Historic Environment Records (HERs) to deliver asset inventories to farmers and land managers, and to include mandatory Farm Environment Plan HER Responses during the HLS application process.

In 2014 the SHINE system successfully facilitated and managed several hundred Higher Level Stewardship applications. Between 2015 and 2020 the system was extended to process several thousand applications under the new Countryside Stewardship scheme. In 2019 we overhauled the website design, making it responsive and more usable on mobile devices.

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