The River Basin Management Planning System

Client: Countryside Council for Wales

The EU Water Framework Directive imposed important new obligations on authorities to consider the environmental pressures on aquatic habitats and species. As a result of this, the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) awarded a contract to Exegesis to build a tool to collate, analyse and present relevant data, thus simplifying the consultation process that the Directive required. The result was the River Basin Management Planning System (RBPMS): an integrated MapInfo Professional and web-based mapping tool.

The RBMPS enabled CCW officers to use their existing desktop mapping system with an additional interface that facilitated the sharing and transfer of data. The project also incorporated a web site, enabling many different datasets from different sources to be drawn together and interrogated. Data was output in the form of graphs, maps and text.

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River Basin Management System
The RBMS details interface and one of the thematic maps produced from it.

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