Scottish Litter Monitoring System

Client: Zero Waste Scotland

Zewro Waste Scotland Litter Monitoring System

Exegesis was commissioned by Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS) to develop a website and mobile app, plus the underlying database and API, to enable local authorities and other stakeholders in Scotland to monitor litter and fly-tipping incidents.

ZWS is the body responsible for reducing waste and promoting a circular economy in Scotland and has been a FlyMapper partner organisation since 2013. The Litter Monitoring System (LMS) took the pre-existing functionality of FlyMapper and added the ability to record and analyse detailed surveys of street litter. These surveys are used to support the requirements of the Scottish Government's Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse (CoPLAR).

The LMS mobile app is built using Xamarin, a cross-platform development tool that allows the sharing of a codebase between Android and iOS app versions.

The LMS web site allows management of both the fly-tipping and litter monitoring elements and is built within a cloudscribe Content Management System. It already contains details of previously recorded fly-tipping incidents in Scotland.

Data taken from the Technical support for CoPLAR Land Zoning in Scotland project is imported into LMS as local authorities continue to come on-board.

Further information from Richard Griffiths.

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